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John Dietsch has appeared as a double or on-camera talent in many fly fishing films and TV commercials often acting as both on-camera talent and consultant.  In other media, John also appears as a host of TV and video content.  Dietsch is perhaps best known in film and fly fishing circles for his supervision of all the fly fishing scenes on the OSCAR® winning film A River Runs Through It, where he also conceived and executed the famous final fishing scene doubling for actor Brad Pitt by swimming a rapid while playing a giant fish!  Dietsch also provides specialty consulting and talent services for fly fishing on outdoors-based feature  films and television commercials, in addition to the various TV series he has produced and hosted in the genre. He is also available for special presentations and exclusive hosted fly fishing trips world-wide.  

See some of the fishing-based TV commmercials John has appeared in here.

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