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Castle Creek HD Aron Version Background.
Creative Production Services 

Castle Creek and John Dietsch have delivered hundreds of hours of reality-based television and web videos including TV series (12), pilots, commercials, corporate biographies, profiles and more.  While some of our specialties include travel, lifestyle, adventure, and fly fishing  we have experience in many other genres; our over-arching expertise lies in working with our clients to find and tell the most compelling story -  with more than 20 awards to prove it!  Besides our principals' work on the Oscar winning film A River Runs Through It overseeing all the fly fishing scenes, Castle Creek has a Telly, Clio Finalist Certificate, a Houston Film Festival Platinum and one of the series we sold and produced went on to garner two Emmy nominations.   We also have decades of experience integrating brands seamlessly into broadcast-worthy stories, working both with the brand and the network to create dynamic programs. Please review some of our sample programs below, listed by genre.

Television Series

We shoot all our shows in HD/4K and deliver them in HD.  (Please note that some of the following samples are either low resolution or standard definition even though they were shot and delivered in HD).

Adventure Guides: Fishing Edition     

Format:       TV Series (32 Episodes)      

Networks:  NBC Sports, Outdoor


Credits:       Executive Producer/


Synopsis:    Host John Dietsch travels the

world and goes behind the scenes with the interesting fishing guides

Awards:  Telly Bronze 

Sample Episode (HD)

Big Movie Classics:  

Legends of Flight 

Network:      PBS

Agency:        K2 Communications

Integration: Boeing 

Format:        Series Pilot (45 minutes)                        Credits:        Writer/Producer/Director



K2 hired CCP to produce an epilogue

for its IMAX film "Legends of Flight" and we

pitched them a hosted-wrap-around concept for

a pilot to leverage their IMAX Theatre film library.  

Low Resolution Lift from the epilogue (filmed in 4K) 

Note: Epilogue also appears as a revised version of the IMAX theatre Film "Legends of Flight"

Creative Juice

Network:       DIY

Format:         Series (27 Episodes)      

Integrattion: Crafting Brands               

Network:       DIY (Scripps Networks)

Credit:           Executive Producer

Synopsis:      We packaged and produced the first 26 half-hour episodes and a one-hour special based on a pilot created by Two Bees & a Pea Productions.  Series was 101 episodes total.

Awards: Two Emmy Nominations*

Series Promo - CCP EP'd the first HD series ever for DIY.  *Emmy Nominations were for talent based on a subsequent flight of shows produced by their company

The Best of California 

Network:  Syndication

Integration:  Visit California, Calavo,

Chrysler, Honda Motorcycles, Amtrak

Format:    Series (38 Episodes)  

Bible:       Detailed Series Description

Synopsis: Created, pitched and pro-

duced a TV series about ordinary

people travelling to extraordinary

places  in CA. 

Credits:  Executive Producer/ Director     

Produced by Castle Creek Productions

in association with K2 Communications                                

Awards:  Aurora Gold

Sample Episode: (only available for purchase)

The Great Adventure


Network:       Cooking Channel,  formerly FLN

Integration:   Hotels & travel companies

Format:          Series (39 Episodes)

Synopsis:       Ordinary people traveling and doing extraordinary things worldwide.  Adventure by day and luxory by night.  Network hired CCP to produced seasons

two and three.

Credits:  Executive Producer/ Director

Awards:  Aurora Gold                                                      

Sample Episode Lift:  Standard Definition Adventure Guides: Fly Fishing Edition     

Format:        Series (6 Episodes)      

Integration: Suzuki ATVs                

Network:     NBC Sports (formerly Versus)

Credits:        Executive Producer/Writer/


Synopsis:     Host John Dietsch travels the

world and goes behind the scenes of the guiding

life with unusual people in the outdoors. Suzuki

ATVs and web portal integrated in series.

Awards:  Telly Bronze (for entire series)

Sample Episode (HD)

Wild California 

Agency:        K2 Communications

Network:     Discovery/Travel Channel

Integration: State of California

Format:        Three Hour mini-series (48 min)

Bible:            Detailed Series Description

Credits:        Executive Producer/Writer

Synopsis:     Pitched concept to DCI and created/produced a co-production with the State of California based on the IMAX theatre film "Adventures in Wild California." One of three series presented that year by Travel Channel for an Emmy.  Produced in association with K2 Communications.

Award: Houston Film Festival Platinum

Sample Episode:  Standard Definition

"Resorts" Reel     


Selects from four resorts out of hundreds covered by Castle Creek Productions in these series:

                  • The Great Adventure

                  • The Best of California 


Credits:  Executive Producer/Writer



Standard Definition (Samples)


and Commercials

John  Dietsch: Behind the

Scenes on the Film

"A River Runs Through It"     

An in-depth look at John Dietsch's work on 

the Oscar winning film "A River Runs Through

It" as the fly fishing production coordinator

and stuntman, including the famous scene that John pitched to Redford where he doubles for actor Brad Pitt while swimming with the fish in the finale...

Film Credit:  Fly Fishing Production Coordinator/Stunts

Low Res/SD


"Film and TV Spots" Reel  (Fishing)   

Archived selects including a behind the scenes clip explaining Dietsch's role on the film "A River Runs Through It."  Includes :30 spots as a consultant/talent as well as fish TV show clips

Note: 2nd half of reel shows archival samples from TV fishing shows (video-based).

Format:  35 mm (first half of reel)

Brands:  Coca Cola/Mastercard,  Japan Tobacco, Miller Beer

Clients:  Columbia/Sony, ESPN/Intellimedia, K2 Communications,  Fox Sports

Standard Definition (Multiple Samples)


Client:       Pac-12 (formerly Pac-10)

Format:    :30 spot

Reach:      Regional

Credits:    EP/Director/Writer

Synopsis: Client wanted to promote the website for its

aparrel line so we pitched them this humorous idea, hired

the talent and produced/directed the spot.


Sample Episode:  Standard Definition

T Rowe Price 

Client:       T Rowe PRice

Format:    :30 spot

Agency:    Bates

Prod. Co: Believe

Reach:      National

Credit:      Fly Fishing Consultant

One of many high-end commercials that Dietsch has consulted on regarding the sport of fly fishing

Note:        Shot 3 weeks in New Zealand


Spot Sample:  Standard Definition (shot in 35 inc. super slo mo)

Profiles / Corporate

Biographies (archived)

Honda's 50th Anniversary Videos 

Client:       Dailey & Assoc./K2 Communications

TRT:           6 segments of varying length (2-3 min.)      

Credits:     Producer/Director

Synopsis:  Worked with agency, production company and client (Honda) to research, conduct interviews, produce, & edit archival footage

into multiple segments. Videos

played in front of a live

audience at Radio City Music Hall

Sample Lift:  Standard Definition

Real Estate/Ranch Videos

XS Ranch, Austin Texas


Client:  Coast Range Investments

Type:    Investor Video (music driven)

Credits:  Producer/Director

Note:  Original helicopter and drone footage

Music:  Lyle Lovett





Flock Hill Ranch, New Zealand 


Client:  Coast Range Investments

Type:    Investor Video (music driven)

Credits:  Producer/Director

Note:  Original helicopter and drone footage

Music driven investor video



Rancho Cielo, New Mexico 

Client:  Coast Range Investments

Type:    Investor Video (music driven)

Credits:  Producer/Director

Note:  Original helicopter and drone footage

Narrated Script and developer interview 



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