Fly Fishing as Mindfulness!


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> So many of us are yearning for a new understanding of how to

interpret what is going on in the world outside.  Fly Fishing. on the

outside, appears to be about catching fish.  Actually it is a life long

pursuit that will never be perfected, only bettered ((with a little luck)! Graced by Waters is more than the name of my new book, it is a way

of life where water and fishing become like a prism for looking inward, to find the courage to see what lies below, and to transform the way we live

by periodically immersing ourselves in nature so, we too, are able to 

better decipher words under the rocks of storied waters....



    Fly Fishing Films           


Dietsch also combines his creative producer/director/talent skills and as a 

renown fishing production expert to consult on films, TV spots and interactive media as well as producing and hosting TV series. Need John to create a film for your network, brand, lodge or guide service?  Give us a shout!

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